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Assam state govt. has taken up the Apun Ghar Home Loan scheme. Under this scheme, state govt. employees can get Home Loans at subsidized interest rates. Moreover, state govt. will provide housing loans at 5.5% for men employees and at 5% for women employees. For this reason, state govt. in partnership with the State Bank of India will ensure that all the govt. employees can build their own house.

The state govt. has started this scheme so that all the state government employees can work with integrity and dedication. Moreover, the state govt. employees must improve their skills to adapt according to the modern day work culture and should get motivated during discharge of their duties. The main motive is to make “Ek Bharat, Shreshta Bharat” under ‘Housing for All’ Scheme.

Govt. will not charge any security and processing fee while making online application. Subsequently, all the permanent state govt. employees can now get Home Loans after completion of 1 year of service. Under this scheme, employees can get a loan amount of up to Rs 15 lakh at an interest subsidy of 3.5%. Subsequently, govt. targets to provide Home Loans to 10,000 employees (out of which 1,000 loans have already been provided till 1 November 2017). Accordingly, interested candidates can download Application Form through the official website

Apun Ghar Download Application Form

Assam state govt. employees can apply for the Home Loan Scheme by downloading and filling the Application Form. For this reason, govt. employees need not visit the SBI Bank branch to get the application form. Moreover, candidates can obtain the PDF copy of the Application Form by clicking the link given Below :-

Download Apun Ghar Home Loan Application Form

The Application Form will appear as shown below :-

Apun Ghar Home Loan Scheme Application Form

Apun Ghar Home Loan Scheme Application Form

Assam state govt. will ensure easy availability of Loans to employees. Accordingly, candidates can download the application Form and submit it to the Concerned Drawing and Disbursement Officers (DDOs). Afterwards, DDPs will forward all the Loan Applications to SBI to give the Loan amount.

Eligibility Criteria

Apun Ghar Home Loan Scheme primarily focuses on the state government employees who belongs to lower income group but this Housing Scheme is applicable for all. Moreover, the basic eligibility criteria is as follows :-

a) Candidate must be at-least 21 years or above age group.

b) Subsequently, candidate must have completed 5 years of Residual service.

c) Moreover, the state govt. employees having less than 5 years in Service Retirement are not eligible.

Furthermore candidates can see the detailed Eligibility Criteria by clicking the link given below :-
Eligibility Criteria

Highlights of the Apun Ghar Home Loan Scheme

Candidates can see the Interest Rates and Subsidy from the table given below :-

Particulars Men Women
Amount of loan Rs 15 lakh Rs 15 Lakh
Subsidy on Interest 3.5% 3.5%
Interest Rate after Subsidy 5.05% 5%
Maximum Tenure for Loan 20 years 20 years
Effective EMI for loan amount of Rs 15 Lakh for tenure of 20 Years
Rates Before Subsidy Rs 13,017 Rs 13,017
Rates After Subsidy Rs 10,318 Rs 9,899

Moreover, all the state govt employees already taking the benefits of the education and home loan facilities of SBI at normal Rates can switch to this Subsidized Loan Scheme after completion of 1 Year.

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