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Bhadrachalam Kalyanam Tickets Online Booking 2017

Bhadrachalam Kalyanam Tickets Online Booking Procedure: People can book Hadrachalam Kalyanam Tickets through newly launched web-portal www.bhadrachalamonline.com. In another words, Vaikuntha Dwara Darsanam online ticket booking now available on bhadrachalamonline.com.

As per find information, portal was launched during the occasion of Vaikuntha (Mukkoti) Ekadasi in Bhadrachalam on December 29.

Sri Sitaramachandra Swamy temple authority has also provide online tickets for Mukkoti Ekadasi at this new portal of Bhadrachalam Kalyanam. Portal also provides opportunity for devotees to book tickets in advance as per the sector-wise seating arrangements planned at the venue of the Vaikuntha Dwara Darsanam.

Vaikunta Ekadasi 2017 Online Ticket Booking Procedure

  • Here you can see a few steps to Book Online Tickets Vaikunta Ekadasi 2017
  • Candidates have to visit first at official website at www.bhadrachalamonline.com
  • You can check Book Now at the right side of the homepage.
  • Select ticket type and enter date.
  • Now enter the number of citizens.
  • Bhadrachalam Kalyanam Tickets Online Booking 2017 format

  • Now you have to check availability of tickets.
  • Book you can take print out of ticket.
  • Vaikunta Darshnam Ticket Rates

    Here you can see, type of the tickets and the rates of the tickets.

    Ticket Prize List

    VIP – Rs. 1000
    Sector A – Rs. 500
    Sector B – Rs. 500
    Sector C – Rs. 500
    Sector D – Rs. 500
    Sector E – Rs. 500
    Sector F – Rs. 250
    Seeghra Darshan – Rs. 100

    Important Dates of Sri Sitaramachandra Swamy Programmes

    Here you can see dates regarding the Sri Sitaramachandra Swamy Programmes

  • Vaikuntha (Mukkoti) Ekadasi in Bhadrachalam on December 29
  • Vaikuntha Ekadasi Prayukta Adyayanotsavalu at the Bhadradri temple from December 19
  • Teppotsavam” will be held in the temple town on December 28
  • Vaikuntha Dwara Darsanam at the temple on December 28 and 29 respectively
  • The devotees who want to participate in the Vaikunta Ekadasi 2017 can visit official website for ttd vaikunta ekadasi 2017 tickets online booking.

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