– CM’s Arogya Arunachal Yojana (CMAAY) Online Application Form

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Arunachal Pradesh govt. has launched a Scheme Chief Minister Arogya Arunachal Yojana. CMAAY Health Insurance Scheme will provide cashless treatment to poor people in Arunachal Pradesh. Now the total Rs. 5 lakh per family of both schemes Ayushman Bhart – National health protection Mission (AB-NHPM) and CMAAY to provide health care. The poor people can replace the CMAAY cashless scheme to existing CM’s Universal Health Insurance Scheme (CMUHIS). The interested candidates who wants to CMAAY cashless treatment in “Assurance Mode” can apply online for CM’s Arogya Arunachal Yojana at

CM’s Arogya Arunachal Yojana works in the observation of the Chief Minister Arogya Arunachal Society under Health Dept. The Arunachal state govt. will announce this scheme on 15 August 2018 on Independence Day. For the enrollment and pre-authorization of beneficiaries through online mode availing AB-NHPM and CMAAY has been approved by state government.

Under the CMAAY Health Scheme, Govt. will provide the 23 specific treatment procedures and all the benefits or package charges on the basis of annual coverage

CM’s Arogya Arunachal Yojana (CMAAY) Online Application Form

CM’s Arogya Arunachal Yojana (CMAAY) will launched to provide the Rs. 1 lakh for Secondary Care and Rs. 4 lakh for Tertiary Care(up to 5 lakh) per family. CMAAY provides the cashless hospitalization to poor and vulnerable groups. All the beneficiaries can get the benefits of this Health Assurance Scheme in any empanelled hospitals through a new web portal. Below is the complete procedure for CM’s Arogya Arunachal Yojana online application:-

  • Step.1 – Go to the official website
  • Step.2 – Apply Online –At the home page, click at “Apply” link present in the Enrollment section as shown in the figure below.
  • CM-Arogya Arunachal Yojana Online Registration

    CM-Arogya Arunachal Yojana Online Registration

  • The Application form will be appears as below:-
  • CMAAY New Enrollment Application Form

    CMAAY New Enrollment Application Form

  • Fill all the required detail and save for the completion process.
  • Step.3 – Check Status –For Check status candidates can directly use this link – CMAAY Status.
  • Step.4 – Sign Document Upload – To upload the signed document, click at “Sign Document Upload” or directly click on this link.
  • Step.5 – Search Enrollment Details – Here Patients can check their enrollment details by click on link – “Find CMAAY Enrollment Details“.
  • Step.5 – Eligibility – Candidates can check the Eligibility Criteria at CMAAY Eligibility.
  • The Arunachal Pradesh state govt. will launch CM’s Arogya Arunachal Yojana on 15th August 2018.

    CM’s Arogya Arunachal Yojana (CMAAY) Hospital Empanelment Application Form

    All the Govt. / Semi govt. / Private / Charitable / Trust hospitals can fill the hospital empanelment online application form to enroll for CMAAY. Every hospitals must understand the Process Flow and then fill CMAAY Hospital Empanelment Form:-

    • Go to the official website
    • At the homepage, Click at the “Apply” link under the Empanelment section or directly click on this link.
    • After that click at “Click Here for Application”.
    • After that Read instructions and Accepts Terms and Conditions. Then After, click the type of hospitals (any govt./ private/ charitable/ trust hospital).
    • As we click at the “Govt. / Semi Govt.” tab, then Hopital Empanelment form will appear as below:-
    • CMAAY Hospital Empanelment Online Application Form

      CMAAY Hospital Empanelment Online Application Form

    • After that fill all the details Hospital details, Registration details, Accrediation & Certification details, bank Details, Taxation details and Submit the form to complete the process.

    Here you can check the complete List of Package Rates at the link:-

    List of Procedures Approved by CMAAY

    There will be approved list of procedures in the 23 specialties listed below:

    1. Cardiology
    2. Cardio-thoracic Surgery
    3. Cardio-Vascular Surgery
    4. Ophthalmology
    5. ENT
    6. Orthopedics
    7. Poly trauma
    8. Urology
    9. Obstetrics & Gynaecology
    10. General Surgery
    11. Neuro-Surgery
    12. Interventional Neuro-Radiology
    13. Plastic and Reconstructive
    14. Burns Management
    15. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
    16. Paediatrics Medical Management
    17. Neo- Natal
    18. Paediatrics Cancer
    19. Paediatrics Surgery
    20. Medical Packages
    21. Oncology
    22. Emergency Room Packages (Care requiring less than 12 hrs stay)
    23. Mental Disorders Package

    For more benefits and details click the link – CMAAY Scheme Details

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